Your Lawyer Smart Card access

Your Lawyer Smart Card which includes a pin protected chip with your name, address, telephone number and email address, also gives you extra options. If you would like to access the data on your Lawyer Smart Card and add further details, you may do so by purchasing your own inexpensive reader/writer direct from our supplier. Click here

Your personal lawyer smart card includes important information and is pin protected.

Add your Photograph, NIE/Passport number, Social Security number, blood, group, next of kin, Driving Licence and any other details to keep safely on your card in your wallet/purse. With the pin protected chip, your information is as safe as a credit/debit card.

Lawyers access to the details on your Lawyer Smart Card

Let your lawyer read your card

You can allow your lawyer access to your chip so your details are available at a glance.

Lawyers Details Added to Card

You or your lawyer can add details to your Smart Card. Could include the lawyers address, email and telephone number.

Your case number and notes

Have your lawyer add your case number and important notes, this assures that you have all the details in one place.

Updates added by you or your lawyers

Keep up to date. You or your lawyer can add or remove notes. Can include list of documents you need to provide. Have everything at hand on your Smart Card. Let your card memorise the details for you.


Remember, Wherever You Are,

“This is Your Pathway to a lawyer”

Your own card writer/reader includes free software

Notepad on your Smart Card. Jot down notes for your lawyer

Personalise your card by adding your photograph

Your credit sized Smart Card fits in your wallet/purse

Let your lawyers read and add details to your card

Your Lawyer Smart Card, don’t leave home without it

Own This innovative Lawyer Smart Card.

Don’t Leave Home Without it.


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