Spain has been highlighted for purchasing and sales problems. Licences not conceded resulting in Illegal properties can become apparent immediately, but more often months or years later. These problems are often not discovered until the owner attempts to re-sell or when family inherit.

It is alarming that thousands of properties purchased in Spain have resulted in catastrophic consequences and or, insurmountable problems. Some so serious that properties bought with good intentions and all documentation in place have since been demolished, or served with demolition orders. This has occurred time again affecting purchasers dream homes. Futures and health have been ruined and investments lost.

When looking at the many problems faced, we may wonder if future purchasers will suffer similar consequences due to unprofessional services? This does not need to be the case. There are imperative and straightforward steps to take to ensure that those who are making investments in Spain are protected and taken care of.

Were these calamities avoidable? Absolutely! All properties sales should have been conducted correctly. Real estates, banks and lawyers should always carry out their part of the negotiations with due diligence. Many had decided to take advantage of the continual surge of purchasers for properties in Spain, often looking for a quick buck and leaving the innocent purchaser to suffer the dire consequences.

In Spain property searches are not obligatory and where notaries can easily sign a purchase or sale, where documentation is often sketchy and misleading, where title deeds do not give a true reflection of the status of a property and where some parties concerned in sales and purchases continue to provide the same unsatisfactory service. It is therefore not surprising that purchasers lose in one way or another and many vendors discover that they cannot sell when they eventually find a buyer.

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