Are you a non EU citizen and wish to relocate to Spain? Read on.

Those from outside the EU who wish to apply for residency in Spain have to follow a complex application procedure. The differing residency status once acquired means that you need to abide by numerous stringent rules. One of the regulations does not allow you to be absent from Spain for more than six months in any one year, during the first five years stay without losing your residency status. Due to this ruling, there is no option to become a non fiscal resident during the first five years residency.

Is there an answer? The Golden Visa is a residency option for investors to Spain. There are various options which include: An initial investment to the value of equal to or greater than two million in Spanish public debt securities. One million euros in shares or participations of Spanish Capital companies with a genuine business activity. One million euros in bank deposits in financial institutions or, the the acquisition of of real estate in Spain with an investment value equal or greater than 500,000 euros free of liens or encumbrances.

Unlike the non lucrative visa, the Golden Visa will have a duration of two years. Investors who are interested in residing in Spain for a longer duration, may request the renewal of the residence authorisation for successive periods of five further years as long as you continue to meet the initial requirements. There is no need to reside in Spain for six months in any one year. The Golden Visa allows you to visit Spain once a year. This will ensure non fiscal residency status if that is your aim. Prolonged absences during the rest of the year will not exempt you from renewing your residency status.

The Golden Visa allows you to apply for residency for your spouse and dependent children.

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