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If you have a problem that you need help with, you may need legal advice to resolve it. You can get help from a legal adviser who specialises in your problem such as a lawyer.

Fee Arrangements

There are list of fees available from the Spanish law society (Colegio de Abogados) that can give some guidelines. You should clarify the fees with your lawyer before you instruct him/her. There are often unseen costs as it can be impossible to know the direction or duration litigation will take.

Conditional and Contingency Fee Agreements (no-win, no-fee)

Commonly known as ‘no win no fee’.  The equivalent in Spanish is known as ‘Cuota Litis’. When subscribing to this type of contract, the client should clearly understand the type of agreement, that he/she is entering into before signing the engagement letter.


Do you need a legal adviser?

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Countersigning UK passport photo and passport applications.

Where you may not need to instruct a lawyer,  you may obtain services/assistance from our qualified/registered paralegal. Q. Ins. Pa. A fee May be charged.

Family Law

Separation. Divorce. Mediation. Children’s Welfare. Parental Responsibility. Grandparents rights. Pre-nuptial agreements

Wills. Inheritance and Succession Law

Drafting your Spanish will. Claiming an Inheritance.  Inheritance & Succession Issues.

Immigration & Residency Law

Residency applications for EU & Non EU nationals.

Brexit Updating Residency Status.

Planning Law

Building. Renovation. Land issues. License of first occupation. AFO.

Criminal Law

Reporting someone or been reported, always accompanied by a lawyer.

Community Law

Communities of Property Holders. Macro Communities.

Real Estate Law, Conveyancing. Commercial

Purchase & Sales. Community Law.

Banking Law

Claims against banks for abusive clauses. Mis-sold products. Mortgages.

Civil Law

Defamation. Libel. Personal Damage. Corporate Damage.

Corporate Law

Incorporation of Companies. Dissolution of Companies. Small Businesses. Self-employed.

Labour Law

Employment. Employment contracts. Redundancy.

Taxation Law

Corporate Taxation. Personal Taxation. Resident and Non Resident Taxes.

Medical Negligence Law

Medical Malpractice. Cosmetic Surgery. Odontology.

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