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Lawyer Smart Card - Lawyer Smart Card
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Lawyer Smart Card


Personalised Lawyer Smart Card with access to one of the largest networks of Lawyers in Spain.

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Your Lawyer Smart Card is also your membership card. The card does not expire if you renew annually.

Your wallet sized Lawyer Smart Card is the pathway to one of the largest networks of dedicated lawyers in Spain and the Islands who speak your language. Keep your Lawyer Smart Card in your purse or wallet. Having the card at hand will ensure immediate access to a lawyer whenever and wherever you are and in an emergency.

Don’t leave home without your special card. Buy the card today and our team will provide you with a regulated lawyer that best suits your individual needs. Fair fees, trust, transparency and security giving you peace of mind. Your personalised card will be delivered to you with your name, card number, call centre and a chip where personal details can be uploaded

Please be advised that your Lawyer Smart Card including the chip, is personalised with your details and therefore the cards are non refundable.


Spain info Card

You are about to invest in your personalised Spain info Card.  This attractive and invaluable credit sized PVC card fits snugly into you purse or wallet with your credit cards.  

Saving you money, this annual membership card allows you to pick up the phone and call our paralegal who will answer your questions, provide you with information and guide you. This will avoid you making costly mistakes either during purchase, sales, relocation, residency, wills, succession legal and all other matters.

There is no limit to the times you can call for a personal one to one chat. You may prefer to use one of our emails and you have the option of both a call and email communications.

It will not take long for you and your family to notice how invaluable your Spain info Card is. 

For just at the cost of a hundred and twenty euros annually (cost annually for those purchasing this year up to June 23 2023 will remain at €100 annually) and will be comparable to having your personal consultant by dialing a few keys on your phone or mobile.

Wherever you are, don’t leave home without it.

* By using PayPal, the funds will arrive in the Spain info (Si) account so you can use your card immediately just with your membership number. Your card will then be printed and posted to you. 






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