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What is The Lawyer Smart Card?

The Lawyer Smart Card is your pathway to one of the largest networks of dedicated lawyers in Spain and the Islands who speak your language. Q) What is the Lawyer Smart Card? A) The Lawyer Smart Card is a membership card which primarily gives you access to a registered...

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New Residency Procedure in Place for U.K. Nationals

Nationals of the United Kingdom, the members of their families and any other persons residing in Spain in accordance with the conditions established in the Withdrawal Agreement, will not be obliged to apply for a new resident status nor, therefore, submit to a new...

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How to Apply for Residency During the State of Alarm

Since the government approved confinement restrictions due to the coronavirus, most administrative offices closed. This included suspending the right of citizens to make appointments or proceed with their applications for residency during the confinement period. Due...

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Use a Dedicated Property Lawyer

Spain has been highlighted for purchasing and sales problems. Licences not conceded resulting in Illegal properties can become apparent immediately, but more often months or years later. These problems are often not discovered until the owner attempts to re-sell or...

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