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About - Lawyer Smart Card
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Lawyer Smart Card

Pathway to your Lawyer

Own a Lawyer Smart Card for peace of mind

Do you need a regulated lawyer with expertise to suit your requirements? Now you can let your Lawyer Smart Card do the work for you.

Owning a Lawyer Smart Card guarantees that an accredited lawyer with professional Indemnity Insurance will be available to you.

Easy access to a registered lawyer simply by placing a call to the Lawyers Smart Card Call Centre with your name and membership number.

What we do

Our large network of lawyers includes only the best regulated professional lawyers with expertise in their particular field. Smart Card Lawyers will always offer an initial free consultancy.

Smart Card Lawyers are carefully selected to provide an exceptional service to our clients, based on professionalism, trust, transparency, reliability, accountability and to act with due diligence assuring our clients peace of mind.

You will have Immediate access by placing a call to the Lawyers Smart Card Call Centre providing your membership number and by letting us know which service you need.

All signed up members have access to the Lawyer Smart Card Mobile Number.

Many of our Smart Card Lawyers may offer to act for you (depending on the case in question) on a contingency fee (no win no fee) basis. Some of our lawyers will also accept their fees in installments.

The Lawyer Smart Card team have for many years been conscious of the risks and difficulties experienced by the Expatriate community in Spain, simply by placing their trust in a lawyer. In most cases the client has been allocated a general lawyer for specialist cases.

Who we are

The Lawyer Smart Card Team

Myra Cecilia Azzopardi Q.Inst.Pa

Qualified Paralegal. Founder of the Citizens Advice Bureau Spain organisation. Speaks: Bilingual - English / Spanish

As a result of her experiences in aiding the expatriate community during the political campaigns, Myra became very involved in assisting and supporting the community who had little or no knowledge of the Spanish language and more importantly, the complex Spanish bureaucracy and the continual updating of the law and regulations. A demand for a more extensive service concluded with Myra setting up the Costa Advice Bureau in 2006.

During the following seven years, it became apparent that the expatriate community needed a place and persons to whom they could turn to for support. With this in mind, Myra commenced on a project to set up a group for the expatriate residents, non-residents and visitors alike, in need of advice, assistance, and accurate information. This and more, they can now find at the Citizens Advice Bureau Spain.

Myra said “ Of all the issues facing the expatriate community in Spain, the most significant has been the legal problems encountered. The need to find a suitable lawyer with expertise in the particular fields of service. This prompted me to set up the Lawyer Smart Card. This innovative idea will ensure that all expatriates either residing in Spain, with holiday homes or visiting can obtain a befitting legal  service and protection they require”.

And we would like to extend our sincere gratitude to the dedicated professionals who collaborate with us, including lawyers, notaries, tax consultants, and other experts. Their valuable contributions and expertise enrich our services and help us better serve our clients.

Registered Address:

Suite 4.3.02.
Block 4, Eurotowers,
GX11 1AA



Be informed regarding news that may affect you. We will not send unsolicited mail.